NTS Amega Global Alaska has roughly 500 rental assets staged on the North Slope for immediate deployment. Supporting our customers with BHA rental tool needs such as Stabilization, crossovers, Non-Mag Drill Collars, and various subs. Per our contractual agreements, we support clients with high-quality drilling equipment such as SLB & Halliburton. Helping operate on high-profile drilling & exploration projects for operators such as Conoco Phillips, ENI, Hilcorp, and Great Bear Pantheon.
Strategically positioned in the heart of Oklahoma City, this NTS Amega Global facility serves as a pivotal rental tool stock point and inspection hub, diligently catering to the Mid-Continent (MidCon) region of the United States. With a steadfast commitment to ensuring the integrity and readiness of your operations, our facility offers a robust inventory of premium rental tools and employs a meticulous inspection process, ensuring your projects are equipped with reliable, high-quality equipment. Tailored to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of the bustling oil and gas sector in the MidCon region, our Oklahoma City location is your partner in ensuring operational excellence, providing tools that are not only of unparalleled quality but also optimized for the specific challenges of your drilling endeavors in the region
Our brand-new facility in Leduc, Canada opened its doors in September 2023. Allowing us to work closely with our customers' engineering and operations teams in Calgary and Edmonton. Serving drilling projects across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alaska, the site specializes in repairs to extend the life and availability of drilling tools and manufactures complex components for drilling. In addition to downhole systems using precision techniques and offering rental services for drilling tools and Bottom Hole Assembly components. Including stabilizers, collars, subs, and drilling efficiency tools.
The Midland facility is a bustling and highly specialized repair and rental shop, servicing an average of 154.7 connections per week. With a primary focus on repairing their own rental tools and a substantial 20% third-party workload, they excel in fast turnarounds, handling 4953 connections year-to-date. They are the main rental hub within the company, prioritizing speedy repairs for a core group of loyal customers.
Our facility in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana serves customers and projects across the Gulf of Mexico and various offshore fields. Including the North Sea, the Caribbean, the Persian Gulf, and Alaska. We specialize in advanced hard facing and specialized repairs to enhance the longevity and availability of drilling accessories. Additionally, we excel in precision manufacturing techniques for complex drilling and subsea system components and offer a comprehensive range of rentals. Including drilling tools and Bottom Hole Assembly components like stabilizers, collars, subs, and drilling efficiency tools.
The NTS Amega Global Houston facility has abundant yard space, perfectly suited for efficient rental stock management and the handling of incoming repairs. The facility is also in close proximity to the corporate headquarters of major drilling companies, to provide direct support to operations in South Texas, North Texas, East Texas, and North Louisiana. Our services include specialized repairs to extend the life and availability of drilling accessories, manufacturing, assembly, and rigorous testing of intricate drilling and BHA components. In addition to comprehensive rentals of drilling tools and BHA components, it also encompasses stabilizers, collars, subs, and drilling efficiency tools.