There are machine shops that repair equipment and then there is NTS Amega Global. As owners of over 10,000 downhole tools ourselves, our experts have built an extensive portfolio of repair processes, qualifications, and techniques only possible through decades of extending the life and revenue generating capability of our own equipment. Just as we treat our own equipment, our experts use the newest and most innovative technologies, techniques, and materials to establish a portfolio of approved repairs designed to extend the life and availability of your tool fleet.

NTS Amega Global – Services – Stub Welding

Stub Welding

NTS Amega Global has a team of welding and material experts skilled in stub welding for alloy steel and non-magnetic drilling tools. With a successful track record of over 3,500 drilling tools returned to service without any downhole failure, our processes facilitate the addition of material to shorten drilling tools. This enables them to continue revenue generation despite wear and tear. Stub welding emerges as a crucial technique in extending the lifespan of vital downhole tools. At NTS Amega Global, we utilize stub welding to seamlessly fuse worn-out or damaged sections with new material. This meticulous process ensures the prolonged utility and outstanding performance of the tool, especially in extreme downhole conditions. Our team's expertise enables us to enhance drilling tools' durability and reliability, reducing downtime and maintenance costs for clients. Stub welding isn't just a repair method; it's a proactive measure to boost downhole tools' resilience, preventing potential failures and optimizing operational efficiency. By addressing issues such as shortening due to wear or damage to critical features, stub welding enhances drilling operations by extending the service life of essential equipment. NTS Amega Global's commitment to excellence is apparent in our strict adherence to industry standards and rigorous quality control processes. Our welders undergo extensive training to master the intricate techniques required for precise and durable welds. Additionally, we employ advanced welding equipment and cutting-edge materials to achieve optimal results in terms of strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Threading Services

Threading Services

Threading services are vital in the manufacturing and refurbishment of drilling tools and OCTG components, which include casing, tubing, and drill pipes used in drilling and extraction operations. Proper threading ensures robust, leak-free connections that can withstand the demanding environments typical of oil and gas operations.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Hard Metal

Hard Metal

As owners of thousands of stabilizers we rely on the textbook application of HF1000 - 6000 by our welders every day. This same level of care goes into our hard metal services when working on customer owned or newly manufactured customer equipment.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – OD ID BUILDUP


With advanced OD/ID buildup and cladding techniques, equipment can be repaired to original dimensional specs. At NTS Amega Global our buildup techniques are designed to combat wear, enhance strength, and extend the life of your components.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Feature Reinstatement

Feature Reinstatement

Feature reinstatement is a precise process designed to return worn or damaged parts to their original specifications. It involves the skilled repair or replacement of key features, ensuring your tools continue to perform at their peak, even in the most challenging conditions.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Hard Banding

Hard banding

In the demanding environment of the oil and gas industry, NTS Amega Global is proud to offer premier hard banding services designed to significantly extend the lifespan of your drill pipe and downhole tools.
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Deep Hole Techniques

At NTS Amega Global, our technical capabilities in deep hole machining bring unparalleled precision and finish to your projects. Whether it's gun drilling for small diameters or specialized honing processes, our team has the expertise you need.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Compressive Surface Treatments

Compressive Surface Treatments

At NTS Amega Global, we offer a variety of compressive surface treatments, each tailored to enhance the performance and durability of your equipment.
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