Stabilize Your Success with NTS Amega Global Stabilizers. In the rugged terrains of downhole drilling, our stabilizers stand as pillars of strength and reliability, offering unparalleled stability and minimizing unexpected vibrations. Crafted from robust materials and engineered for optimal performance, our stabilizers play a pivotal role in maintaining hole quality and ensuring your drill string navigates even the most challenging paths with precision and steadiness. Ensure your operations are grounded in strength with NTS Amega Global Stabilizers.

How much do you trust the stability of your drilling components?

Embark on a journey of stable and efficient drilling with NTS Amega Global. Our stabilizers are not merely components; they’re your partners in ensuring each drilling operation is smooth, stable, and strategically aligned with your objectives. Designed for longevity and optimal performance, they combat the hardships of downhole environments, providing a steadfast foundation for your BHA and ensuring that your operations proceed with minimized deviation and maximized efficiency.



Maximize your BHA’s performance with our rental Steel Nortrac Stabilizers, ensuring optimal hole quality and reducing vibrations during drilling. Tailor your operations with our stabilizers, designed for strength and durability, ensuring smooth navigation through complex wellbore environments.


Choose our Non-Mag Nortrac Stabilizers for your rental needs, offering superior downhole stabilization with non-magnetic properties to preserve directional drilling integrity. Navigate confidently through directional and horizontal wells with stabilizers designed to minimize wear and optimize performance.


Ensure precise wellbore tracking with our rentable Steel Autotrac, designed to offer impeccable stability and guidance through the drilling process. Benefit from enhanced hole quality and reduced tortuosity, ensuring your drilling operations are smooth and accurate.


Secure your directional drilling with our rental Non-Mag Autotrac, providing steadfast stability and guidance while maintaining the integrity of your magnetic surveys. Navigate with precision and confidence through your directional and horizontal wells with our non-magnetic solution.


Opt for our rental Welded Blades, providing critical stabilization and minimizing downhole vibrations to ensure optimal drill string performance. Crafted for resilience and durability, our welded blades ensure your drilling operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Our Machine Capabilities

Precision Grinding

NTS Amega Global's grinding machines ensure that every workpiece is shaped and finished to the highest standards of precision, delivering unparalleled accuracy for the most intricate downhole tool components.

Gas Metal Arc Welder

At NTS Amega Global, our advanced GMAW, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welder machinery guarantees consistent, high-quality welds, making it an ideal choice for both thin and thick downhole tool components requiring strength and durability.

Laser Welder

NTS Amega Global leverages cutting-edge laser welding technology, ensuring minimal heat-affected zones, superior weld quality, and precision tailored for intricate downhole tool components.

Submerged Arc Welding

NTS Amega Global boasts advanced Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) machinery, ensuring deep-penetration welds, superior joint strength, and efficiency for larger-scale welding projects.

PTA Machine

NTS Amega Global boasts the advanced technology of a PTA machine, also known as a Plasma Transferred Arc welding machine, ensuring precision, durability, and a superior weld quality for complex projects.


NTS Amega Global is equipped with state-of-the-art Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) machinery, ensuring precision welds, consistent quality, and adaptability for intricate welding requirements.

Drill Pipe Threading

Our Drill Pipe Threading machinists create precise threads at the ends of drilling tools to allow their secure connection. At NTS Amega Global, we offer threading for both API and premium connections, ensuring seamless joint integrity and enhancing the efficiency of drilling operations.


At NTS Amega Global, our welding services are not just about joining metals; they’re about forging trust. Catering to the meticulous needs of technical buyers, our welding solutions combine advanced techniques with certified expertise to ensure seamless, robust, and durable joints. Recognizing the critical nature of weld integrity, especially in high-stress environments like the oil and gas sector, our team prioritizes precision and durability in every weld pass. From intricate TIG welds for aerospace components to rugged MIG and stick welds for heavy-duty applications, we maintain a flawless balance of strength and accuracy. Dive into our welding capabilities and discover the blend of artistry and engineering that solidifies every project.

Robotic Laser Welding

At NTS Amega Global, our robotic laser welding system symbolizes the nexus of innovative automation and surgical accuracy. Tailored for the exacting standards of technical buyers, this technology ensures consistent, high-quality welds with unparalleled precision. Harnessing the precision of laser technology with the repeatability and speed of robotics, we achieve welds that are not only aesthetically impeccable but also possess enhanced structural integrity. Especially vital for sectors where micron-level accuracy is paramount, such as aerospace and high-end manufacturing, our robotic laser welder is the vanguard of modern fusion techniques. Experience the future of welding with us, where technology and craftsmanship seamlessly intertwine.

CNC Lathe

At NTS Amega Global, our CNC lathes are more than just machinery; they're a culmination of top-tier engineering and meticulous precision. Designed to transform raw materials into sophisticated components, our CNC lathes guarantee dimensional accuracy, consistent finish, and high repeatability. By leveraging computer numerical control, we ensure that every component produced aligns seamlessly with exact technical specifications. For those in the oil and gas sector, aerospace, or any other precision-demanding industry, our CNC lathe services offer a robust solution tailored to meet intricate technical requirements. Explore our capabilities, and see firsthand our commitment to precision and technical excellence.

CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machines, with their state-of-the-art computerized controls, offer unparalleled accuracy in producing multi-dimensional parts from raw materials. Each operation, from simple cuts to complex contouring, is executed with pinpoint precision, ensuring each component aligns impeccably with stringent technical specifications. Serving industries like oil and gas, aerospace, and other sectors that demand intricate detailing, our CNC milling services stand as a beacon of quality, reliability, and technical superiority. Delve into our milling solutions and witness how we transform raw materials into technical masterpieces.


When you choose NTS Amega Global for your stabilizer needs, you benefit from a host of advantages. First and foremost, we prioritize quality across all our rental tools. Our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures that you receive tools and components that you can rely on for superior performance in the most demanding environments.

We also understand the urgency of your operations, which is why we emphasize prompt delivery. Our global facilities, streamlined processes, and efficient logistics enable us to deliver your stabilizer rental tools on time, minimizing downtime and ensuring your operations remain on schedule.


Our customer-centric approach sets us apart. We value open communication and collaboration, working closely with you to understand your specific requirements and challenges. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that you receive your stabilizers to maximize your operational efficiency.

Experience the NTS Amega Global difference and unlock the full potential of your operations. Contact us today to discuss your stabilizer rental needs and discover how our tailored solutions can drive your success in the oil and gas industry. Trust in our expertise, extensive capabilities, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. NTS Amega Global is your trusted partner for precision machining, delivering exceptional service and outstanding quality in stabilizers.