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NTS Amega Global is your trusted partner in precision manufacturing, rental, and repair solutions. With our expertise in machining a variety of high grade alloys, we are your go-to mechanical solutions experts. Our state-of-the-art facilities, 11 global locations, quality control, cutting-edge multi-axis capabilities, and expert teams ensure that we deliver the highest quality tools and components to companies across the oil, gas, and energy industries.

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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – Precision Machining
Precision Machining
At NTS Amega Global, we recognize that every technical blueprint presents its unique challenges and requirements, we utilize advanced machinery and expert craftsmanship to transform designs into tangible, high-quality components.
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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – Complex Tool Repair
Complex Tool Repair
As owners of over 10,000 downhole tools, NTS Amega Global has built an extensive portfolio of repair processes, qualifications, and techniques only possible through decades of extending the life and capabilities of our own equipment.
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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – Amega Performance Tools
Performance Tools
NTS Amega Global has a range of performance tools, including AMEGAFORCE, that have been developed specifically for our customers to enhance drilling and downhole operations.
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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – Lasers & Robotics
Lasers and Robotics
At NTS Amega Global, we blend laser technology, advanced robotics, precision machining, and manual expertise to ensure we deliver tools and components of the highest quality to customers worldwide.
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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions
Cutting-edge facilities, millions of machining hours with premium steel grades, an asset inventory of over 10,000 tools, and a long history of bringing customer equipment back to life, gives us the experience, knowledge, and know-how to deliver exceptional custom solutions.
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NTS Amega Global – Home – Our Services – BHA Rentals
Bottom Hole Assembly Rentals
With the largest fleet of high-strength collars in the industry, NTS Amega Global has non-mag and steel assets strategically located in key markets around the globe ready to support your operations.
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    NTS Amega Global has 11 locations on 4 continents across the globe. Our regional facilities are here to support your local business, operations, and sustainability goals.

    News & Insights

    Reducing Friction in Downhole Drilling

    Reducing friction during downhole drilling is a major priority for many companies. Directional and horizontal downhole drilling are essential techniques in the oil and gas industry, allowing operators to access reservoirs that are not directly beneath the drilling rig. However,
    Jul 19, 2024 | 2 min read

    ADNOC Drilling, Alpha Dhabi JV Enersol to acquire 51% stake in NTS Amega

    Enersol, a joint venture between ADX-listed companies ADNOC Drilling and Alpha Dhabi Holding, has agreed to acquire a 51% stake in NTS Amega Global. NTS Amega Global is a leading global provider of advanced manufacturing, complex tool repair and rental
    Jul 17, 2024

    Supporting Customers Through IKTVA

    At NTS Amega Global, we are committed to supporting our customer. Our mission is to provide unparalleled support to our global and local clients through a robust localization strategy. Aligning our operations with the IKTVA strategy allows us to support
    Jun 27, 2024 | 2 min read

    NTS Amega Global Acquires Steinsvik Production

    NTS Amega Global Continues International Expansion and Acquires of Steinsvik Production. Recently, NTS Amega Global, completed the successful acquisition of Steinsvik Production AS, a prominent player in the Machining Services sector supporting energy clients in the North Sea. This strategic
    May 2, 2024 | 2 min read

     NTS Amega Global Deephole Drilling Capabilities 

     This is a comprehensive list of NTS Amega Global’s Deephole Drilling Capabilities, our global facilities utilize processes, equipment enhancements/modifications, and tooling for the following: Concentric holes with extremely tight positional tolerances a. Drill concentric Bores ID larger than 0.75” (BTA
    Apr 18, 2024

    Deep Hole Drilling: Exploring the Depths

    Deep hole drilling, a precision machining process, has revolutionized industries requiring intricate and elongated cavities in metal workpieces. This article delves into the nuances of deep hole drilling, encompassing its definition, various types, benefits, and considerations, highlighting NTS Amega Global’s
    Apr 18, 2024 | 3 min read

    NTS Amega Global QHSE Policy

    Based upon our vision and our commitment towards the Health of Employees, the Quality of our products and highest regard for the Environment, NTS Amega Global defines the following Quality & HSE Policies which are applicable to the Business Units.
    Mar 20, 2024 | 4 min read

    Houston Welcomes: Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis Machine

    The NTS Amega Global Houston facility recently welcomed its latest CNC machine to the family. The Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis machine arrived into Texas in February 2024. This machining powerhouse comes with a 6-meter bed length and dual steady rest,
    Mar 6, 2024 | 2 min read

    Disclosure of Due Diligence Assessments 2022/2023

    Responsible Business Conduct This report is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct. The model consists of six steps describing how businesses can work towards more
    Feb 20, 2024

    NTS Amega Global Announces Strategic Acquisition of Cobore Inc

    HOUSTON, FEBRUARY 13, 2024 – NTS Amega Global Announces Strategic Acquisition of Cobore Inc. NTS Amega Global, a market leader in repair, rental, and manufacturing solutions for energy markets worldwide, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its growth
    Feb 13, 2024 | 2 Minutes

    Extend the Life Of These Five Oil & Gas Drilling Tools

    In the oil and gas industry, it is possible to extend the life of many critical tools to extend their life and reduce drilling costs. The performance and longevity of drilling tools play a vital role in ensuring successful and
    Jan 7, 2024 | 4 min read

    Oil & Gas: The Benefits of Local Suppliers

    Local suppliers, manufacturers and machine shops, what are they good for? Well, quite a lot, actually. For the Oil & Gas industry, there are numerous benefits to using local facilities from a global supplier. Some even call it ‘glocal’. Whatever
    Jan 2, 2024 | 4 min read

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    We are proud to have been serving the oil, gas, and energy industry for over 30 years.

    Petroleum Technology Company
    Benestad Solutions AS
    Cathedral Energy Services Ltd.
    Pacesetter Directional Drilling
    EOG Resources
    MS Canada
    Gordon Technologies, LLC
    Stryker Energy Services
    FMC Corporation
    Weatherford International
    Innovex Downhole Solutions, Inc
    Tally Energy Services
    Cameron International
    Baker Hughes
    Altitude Energy Partners
    Scientific Drilling
    Emerson Electric Co