At NTS Amega Global, we deliver world-class manufacturing services engineered to meet the diverse and demanding needs of the global oil and gas industry. Our advanced facilities, coupled with industry expertise and innovative manufacturing, allows us to provide exceptional quality and value to our clients.

NTS Amega Global – Services – Drilling


Drilling tools are our business. At NTS Amega Global, we machine to print customer designs up and down the BHA. Whether it's RSS steering heads, LWD tool carriers, stabilizers, or crossovers, our drilling and machining centres have extensive experience.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Completions


NTS Amega Global excels in precision machining tailored specifically for downhole completion tools. With a focus on intricate design and impeccable functionality, we machine customer components that stand out, ensuring the optimum performance of your downhole completion assembly.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Intervention


Marrying the latest in machining technology with a deep reservoir of industry expertise, NTS Amega Global delivers components that seamlessly integrate and enhance the operational efficiency of wellbore intervention assemblies to customer specifications.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Subsea


Dive deep into NTS Amega Global's specialized capabilities in machining for subsea applications. We harness the latest technology and precision engineering to deliver high-quality components that can withstand the challenging underwater environment, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.
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