NTS Amega Global is your trusted partner in precision machining, tool rental, and complex tool repair for the Oil & Gas industry. With over a decade of experience, NTS Amega Global has become the industry's go-to partner, supporting OEMs, service companies, and E&Ps through our 11 facilities across the globe. Our services stand as a beacon of excellence in the Oil & Gas industry, blending people, process, and technology to deliver world class customer. You can review all our services here and if you can't find what you are looking for don't hesitate to contact us.
NTS Amega Global – Services – Stub Welding
Stub Welding
NTS Amega Global has a team of welding and material experts skilled in stub welding for alloy steel and non-magnetic drilling tools. With a successful track record of over 3,500 drilling tools returned to service without any downhole failure, our…Read more Stub Welding ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Non Mag Drill Collars
Non Mag Drill Collars
At NTS Amega Global, we deliver unparalleled quality, innovation, and efficiency with our comprehensive range of non mag drill collars. Our client-centric approach ensures that we provide the most advanced mechanical solutions that cater to each unique need. Crafted with…Read more Non Mag Drill Collars ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Threading Services
Threading Services
Threading services are vital in the manufacturing and refurbishment of drilling tools and OCTG components, which include casing, tubing, and drill pipes used in drilling and extraction operations. Proper threading ensures robust, leak-free connections that can withstand the demanding environments typical of oil and gas operations.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Hard Metal
Hard Metal
As owners of thousands of stabilizers we rely on the textbook application of HF1000 - 6000 by our welders every day. This same level of care goes into our hard metal services when working on customer owned or newly manufactured customer equipment.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Subs (Sub Assembly)
Subs (sub assembly)
Explore our extensive range of premium Subs, meticulously crafted to enhance and streamline your drilling operations. From Lift Subs that ensure safe and efficient BHA handling to specialized UBHO Subs facilitating accurate directional control, our offerings are engineered to meet…Read more Subs (sub assembly) ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – OD ID BUILDUP
With advanced OD/ID buildup and cladding techniques, equipment can be repaired to original dimensional specs. At NTS Amega Global our buildup techniques are designed to combat wear, enhance strength, and extend the life of your components.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Feature Reinstatement
Feature Reinstatement
Feature reinstatement is a precise process designed to return worn or damaged parts to their original specifications. It involves the skilled repair or replacement of key features, ensuring your tools continue to perform at their peak, even in the most challenging conditions.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Stabilizers
Stabilize Your Success with NTS Amega Global Stabilizers. In the rugged terrains of downhole drilling, our stabilizers stand as pillars of strength and reliability, offering unparalleled stability and minimizing unexpected vibrations. Crafted from robust materials and engineered for optimal performance,…Read more Stabilizers ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – BHA Rental Accessories
BHA Rental Accessories
Drilling operations often require a wide array of specialized tools, including BHA rental accessories, each integral to the smooth execution of the project. At NTS Amega Global, we understand that investing in these tools might not always be feasible or…Read more BHA Rental Accessories ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Shock Subs & Drilling Jars
Shock Subs & Drilling Jars
Shock subs and drilling jars are integral components in the drilling assembly, designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of drilling operations. Shock subs are utilized to absorb and mitigate axial vibrations, protecting the drill string and other downhole components…Read more Shock Subs & Drilling Jars ›
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Hard Banding
Hard banding
In the demanding environment of the oil and gas industry, NTS Amega Global is proud to offer premier hard banding services designed to significantly extend the lifespan of your drill pipe and downhole tools.
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Deep Hole Techniques
At NTS Amega Global, our technical capabilities in deep hole machining bring unparalleled precision and finish to your projects. Whether it's gun drilling for small diameters or specialized honing processes, our team has the expertise you need.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Compressive Surface Treatments
Compressive Surface Treatments
At NTS Amega Global, we offer a variety of compressive surface treatments, each tailored to enhance the performance and durability of your equipment.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Drilling
Drilling tools are our business. At NTS Amega Global, we machine to print customer designs up and down the BHA. Whether it's RSS steering heads, LWD tool carriers, stabilizers, or crossovers, our drilling and machining centres have extensive experience.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Completions
NTS Amega Global excels in precision machining tailored specifically for downhole completion tools. With a focus on intricate design and impeccable functionality, we machine customer components that stand out, ensuring the optimum performance of your downhole completion assembly.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Intervention
Marrying the latest in machining technology with a deep reservoir of industry expertise, NTS Amega Global delivers components that seamlessly integrate and enhance the operational efficiency of wellbore intervention assemblies to customer specifications.
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NTS Amega Global – Services – Subsea
Dive deep into NTS Amega Global’s specialized capabilities in machining for subsea applications. We harness the latest technology and precision engineering to deliver high-quality components that can withstand the challenging underwater environment, ensuring longevity and optimal performance.
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