HOUSTON, FEBRUARY 13, 2024 – NTS Amega Global Announces Strategic Acquisition of Cobore Inc.

NTS Amega Global, a market leader in repair, rental, and manufacturing solutions for energy markets worldwide, is proud to announce a significant milestone in its growth journey. The company has successfully acquired the assets and techniques of Cobore Inc, a renowned leader in precision hole making processes & capabilities.

This acquisition is a strategic move aimed at enhancing NTS Amega Global’s capabilities and expertise. By integrating Cobore’s advanced machinery and unique precision drilling techniques into its global operations, NTS Amega Global is set to offer more specialized and comprehensive machining services to its clients around the globe under the existing NTS Amega Global roofline.

“This acquisition represents a pivotal moment in our growth strategy and a rare opportunity to add meaningful machining capabilities that would otherwise require a multiyear research and development strategy,” said Paul McMillan, NTS Amega Global CEO.  “We are thrilled about the prospect of welcoming Cobore’s skilled technical staff and machinists into the NTS Amega Global family.  Their expertise and experience are invaluable to providing precision drilling capabilities an immediate addition to our offering allowing our facilities to support turnkey machining of our clients’ most challenging part families.”

This strategic acquisition of Cobore Inc. marks a new chapter for NTS Amega Global as it reinforces its commitment to providing top-tier precision machining and tool repair services. The acquisition is expected to bring numerous opportunities and benefits to the company’s clients and partners.

NTS Amega Global stands out in the industry for its dedication and enthusiasm, driven by an unwavering commitment to providing industry-leading machining, welding & tool rental services.  “Our global team of experts is armed with knowledge that comes from owning thousands of downhole assets, machining millions of hours with premium alloy grades, and executing thousands of complex tool repairs,” said Harris Hurst, Vice President – Western Hemisphere, NTS Amega Global. ” This acquisition reinforces our mission of being the industry’s most comprehensive provider of mechanical solutions.”

As NTS Amega Global integrates these new capabilities into its service offerings, the company looks forward to sharing more updates.

“We thank our clients and partners for their continued support and trust in NTS Amega Global,” concluded Paul McMillan, CEO, NTS Amega Global.

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About NTS Amega Global

NTS Amega Global is a trusted partner in precision manufacturing, rental, and repair solutions supporting energy markets around the world. With expertise in machining high grade alloys such as high strength non-mag and Inconel, NTS is considered a go-to mechanical solutions provider. With state-of-the-art facilities spanning the globe, NTS Amega Global’s team of experts deliver the highest quality rental tools, repair services and precision machined components to companies across the energy industry.

NTS Amega Global’s mission is to create, supply, and innovate world-class mechanical solutions through their technology, people, and processes that solve customers’ challenges.

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