A new NTS Facility Launches in Guyana, South America. NTS Amega Atlantic Guyana is a joint venture between the globally renowned manufacturing and repairing company — NTS Amega Global and local company Atlantic Marine Supplies Inc.

The opening of NTS Amega Global in Guyana marks a significant milestone in providing direct support to the thriving oil and gas sector. This joint venture between NTS Amenga Global, a renowned global manufacturing and repairing company, and Atlantic Marine Supplies Incorporated aims to deliver precision manufacturing and repair services tailored specifically to the oil and gas industry. With the initial creation of over two dozen jobs, this venture is poised to contribute to the growth and development of Guyana’s human resource landscape.

President Irfaan Ali praised the investment saying:

“These are the types of investments that would change the skillset of our human resource base, because many of the jobs in a machining or fabrication environment are skilled jobs, so whenever we have small and medium-sized enterprises like these in a machining context, they have the ability to create jobs that are highly specialised and skill-based with higher salary range.”

President Ali also underscored the significance of integrating both large-scale and small-to-medium-scale investments to fully leverage the benefits of the oil and gas sector.

“It is important that every aspect of the puzzle – not only the large-scale investments, but the small and medium scale investments – be put together to make an integrated whole as to what this sector brings to our country,”

He emphasized the government’s commitment to providing the necessary infrastructure to support this development, recognizing the importance of time and proximity in the industry.

“From the Government level, we understand that we have to have the right mix of infrastructure to support this development, because in this industry, time is essential, proximity is essential. Not only is it important that the facilities are built to certain standards, but it is important that they deliver the services in a reliable and efficient manner.”

NTS Amega Global - CEO - Paul McMillan at his desk

NTS Amega Global’s Chief Executive Officer, Paul McMillan, highlighted the company’s successful track record in providing solutions for leading industry players such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford. With a strong global presence, NTS Amega Global aims to bring its culture of trust and integrity to the local market in Guyana. Paul McMillan spoke of Guyana’s support during the commissioning ceremony:

“By facilitating concessions and extending support to new initiatives, they’ve created an environment which supports both local and foreign business.”

He added,

“NTS Amega Global is a global provider of rental solutions, complex repairs, and manufacture to support the oil and gas sector. We are located in the USA, Canada, Norway, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, and we’re very excited to extend our global network to Guyana. As with all our international locations our strategy is based upon establishing a fully localised business.”

In conclusion, the joint venture between NTS Amega Global and Atlantic Marine Supplies Incorporated will provide precision manufacturing and repair services, creating valuable job opportunities and introducing specialized skills. President Irfaan Ali’s endorsement of the investment highlights the transformative impact it will have on the human resource landscape. With a focus on integration, infrastructure support, and a commitment to delivering reliable services, NTS Amega Global in Guyana is poised to contribute significantly to the country’s growing oil and gas industry.

You can watch the inauguration ceremony here:

*Article updated to reflect the current brand name, NTS Amega Global.

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