The NTS Amega Global Houston facility recently welcomed its latest CNC machine to the family. The Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis machine arrived into Texas in February 2024. This machining powerhouse comes with a 6-meter bed length and dual steady rest, enhancing local capabilities for complex manufacturing and repairs.

The Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis machine is a computer numerical control machine, also known as a CNC machine. This manufacturing method uses sophisticated software to automate the movement of the machine, giving the operator ultimate control and precision.

The Houston facility is located close to the corporate headquarters of major drilling companies. The branch provides direct support to operations in South Texas, North Texas, East Texas, and North Louisiana. Services include specialized repairs to extend the life and availability of drilling accessories, manufacturing, assembly, and rigorous testing of intricate drilling and BHA components. In addition to comprehensive rentals of drilling tools and BHA components, it also encompasses stabilizers, collars, subs, and drilling efficiency tools.

the Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis brings more capacity and more capabilities closer to the Houston wellhead. In addition, it will support the facility by working with parts of all shapes and sizes and its ability to approach the workpiece from any direction.

Here are five benefits of the Mazak Integrex 650 5-axis Machine:

  1. High precision and improved accuracy – vital for the parts that customers require for their operations
  2. Speed of production – which speeds up the delivery of parts
  3. Unlimited capabilities – allows us to deal with the complex shapes and sizes required
  4. Uniform product and design – multiple parts with the same spec will be uniform
  5. Increased safety – our operators can maintain a safe distance from the cutting tools


The new arrival brings the number Mazak Integrex in the 500/600 range up to four at the Houston facility. This news follows the recent arrival of the Mazak 250MY Quick Turn at our Norway facility. The Mazak 250MY increases the facility in Tananger’s ability to machine small customer-designed components.

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