NTS Amega Global’s international machining facilities are equipped to cater to the unique needs of the construction industry. With a focus on precision engineering and manufacturing, our international facilities excel in manufacturing and repairing equipment used in construction projects. We prioritize quality and safety and our skilled technicians and engineers are proficient in working with a variety of materials, employing cutting-edge expertise and machinery to deliver exceptional results. Whether it’s manufacturing custom components or providing repairs and refurbishments, our facilities are committed to delivering reliable, high-quality solutions that contribute to the success and efficiency of construction projects.

Our Machine Capabilities

Pre-Heat Process

Before any welding begins at NTS Amega Global, we meticulously take the components through our pre-heat process. This preliminary step is essential in ensuring a controlled and gradual increase in the material's temperature, which aids in preventing thermal shock, reducing the risk of weld cracking, and promoting a more consistent and higher-quality weld for optimal performance in downhole environments.

OCTG Threading

OCTG threading involves cutting threads on casing, tubing, and accessories used for well construction and completion tools. At NTS Amega Global, we provide threading services for both API and proprietary premium connections, adhering to strict industry specifications to ensure robust, high-quality connections capable of withstanding the rigors of downhole conditions.

Post-Weld Heat Treatment

At NTS Amega Global, we leverage post-weld heat treatment to refine and enhance the microstructure of weld zones. This critical step ensures the weld achieves improved ductility, reduced hardness, and minimized residual stresses, leading to a strengthened and more resilient connection for your downhole tools.

Precision Grinding

NTS Amega Global's grinding machines ensure that every workpiece is shaped and finished to the highest standards of precision, delivering unparalleled accuracy for the most intricate downhole tool components.

Gas Metal Arc Welder

At NTS Amega Global, our advanced GMAW, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welder machinery guarantees consistent, high-quality welds, making it an ideal choice for both thin and thick downhole tool components requiring strength and durability.

Laser Welder

NTS Amega Global leverages cutting-edge laser welding technology, ensuring minimal heat-affected zones, superior weld quality, and precision tailored for intricate downhole tool components.

Submerged Arc Welding

NTS Amega Global boasts advanced Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) machinery, ensuring deep-penetration welds, superior joint strength, and efficiency for larger-scale welding projects.


NTS Amega Global is equipped with state-of-the-art Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) machinery, ensuring precision welds, consistent quality, and adaptability for intricate welding requirements.

PTA Machine

NTS Amega Global boasts the advanced technology of a PTA machine, also known as a Plasma Transferred Arc welding machine, ensuring precision, durability, and a superior weld quality for complex projects.

Drill Pipe Threading

Our Drill Pipe Threading machinists create precise threads at the ends of drilling tools to allow their secure connection. At NTS Amega Global, we offer threading for both API and premium connections, ensuring seamless joint integrity and enhancing the efficiency of drilling operations.


At NTS Amega Global, our honing services epitomize the pinnacle of surface finishing and dimensional accuracy. Tailored for the discerning technical buyer, our honing solutions employ precision abrasives and advanced machinery to refine internal surfaces to near-perfect finishes. Beyond mere material removal, honing is a delicate balance of creating an ideal surface texture while maintaining tight dimensional tolerances. Crucial in industries like aerospace, where cylinder wall finishes affect performance, or in the oil and gas sector, where seal integrity can be paramount, our honing expertise ensures optimal performance and extended component life.

10-Axis CNC

At NTS Amega Global, our 10-Axis CNC machining stands as a testament to the zenith of manufacturing innovation and expertise. For the elite technical buyer, this capability offers an unmatched depth of precision, versatility, and efficiency. Harnessing the prowess of ten distinct axes, we're empowered to craft even the most complex and multifaceted components with a single-machine setup. This not only ensures consistent precision across intricate geometries but also significantly reduces production time. Ideal for sectors like aerospace, where every micron matters, or the oil and gas industry, where complex tools require multi-dimensional craftsmanship, our 10-Axis CNC solutions epitomize the future of advanced manufacturing. Partner with us to experience a realm where the boundaries of machining are constantly redefined.

First Article Engineering (FAE)

At NTS Amega Global, our commitment to precision begins well before the actual production phase. Our First Article Engineering process exemplifies this dedication, providing an essential foundation for manufacturing projects of all scales and complexities. For the meticulous technical buyer, First Article Engineering is more than just a preliminary step; it's the guarantee of adherence to exacting specifications and standards. This process involves an exhaustive review of design requirements, ensuring each component is optimized for both functionality and manufacturability. By scrutinizing every dimension, material specification, and design detail, we set the stage for seamless production runs and consistently high-quality outputs. Dive into our engineering forefront, where every project starts with a robust blueprint, ensuring that every subsequent step aligns with the vision of technical excellence.

5-Axis Machining

For the discerning technical buyer, NTS Amega Global proudly presents its 5-Axis CNC machining capabilities, setting a new benchmark in versatile and precise manufacturing. By harnessing the full motion potential of five axes, we can sculpt complex geometries, intricate contours, and detailed profiles in a single setup, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency. This advanced machinery, combined with our in-depth expertise, caters to industries where precision and design complexity coexist. From aerospace components that demand both aerodynamic finesse and structural integrity, to specialized parts in the oil and gas sector, our 5-Axis CNC solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and accuracy. Engage with us and witness your most intricate designs materialize with unmatched precision.

Deep Hole Machines

At NTS Amega Global, we understand the complexities and precision required in deep hole drilling processes. Catering specifically to the nuanced needs of the technical buyer, our deep hole drilling services are a combination of advanced machinery and seasoned expertise. Navigating the challenges of maintaining straightness, preventing deflections, and ensuring impeccable surface finish, we consistently achieve depths that are many times the diameter of the workpiece. Whether it's for the aerospace industry, where precision-cooled components are paramount, or the oil and gas sector, requiring specialized tubular components, our capabilities ensure accuracy even at extreme depths. Read more about our Deep Hole Drilling Capabilities here


At NTS Amega Global, our welding services are not just about joining metals; they’re about forging trust. Catering to the meticulous needs of technical buyers, our welding solutions combine advanced techniques with certified expertise to ensure seamless, robust, and durable joints. Recognizing the critical nature of weld integrity, especially in high-stress environments like the oil and gas sector, our team prioritizes precision and durability in every weld pass. From intricate TIG welds for aerospace components to rugged MIG and stick welds for heavy-duty applications, we maintain a flawless balance of strength and accuracy. Dive into our welding capabilities and discover the blend of artistry and engineering that solidifies every project.

Robotic Laser Welding

At NTS Amega Global, our robotic laser welding system symbolizes the nexus of innovative automation and surgical accuracy. Tailored for the exacting standards of technical buyers, this technology ensures consistent, high-quality welds with unparalleled precision. Harnessing the precision of laser technology with the repeatability and speed of robotics, we achieve welds that are not only aesthetically impeccable but also possess enhanced structural integrity. Especially vital for sectors where micron-level accuracy is paramount, such as aerospace and high-end manufacturing, our robotic laser welder is the vanguard of modern fusion techniques. Experience the future of welding with us, where technology and craftsmanship seamlessly intertwine.

CNC Lathe

At NTS Amega Global, our CNC lathes are more than just machinery; they're a culmination of top-tier engineering and meticulous precision. Designed to transform raw materials into sophisticated components, our CNC lathes guarantee dimensional accuracy, consistent finish, and high repeatability. By leveraging computer numerical control, we ensure that every component produced aligns seamlessly with exact technical specifications. For those in the oil and gas sector, aerospace, or any other precision-demanding industry, our CNC lathe services offer a robust solution tailored to meet intricate technical requirements. Explore our capabilities, and see firsthand our commitment to precision and technical excellence.

CNC Milling

Our CNC milling machines, with their state-of-the-art computerized controls, offer unparalleled accuracy in producing multi-dimensional parts from raw materials. Each operation, from simple cuts to complex contouring, is executed with pinpoint precision, ensuring each component aligns impeccably with stringent technical specifications. Serving industries like oil and gas, aerospace, and other sectors that demand intricate detailing, our CNC milling services stand as a beacon of quality, reliability, and technical superiority. Delve into our milling solutions and witness how we transform raw materials into technical masterpieces.

Machine to Print

At NTS Amega Global, our "Machine to Print" service epitomizes precision engineering tailored to exact specifications. Recognizing that every technical blueprint presents its unique challenges and requirements, we utilize advanced machinery and expertise to transform designs into tangible, high-quality components. Every curve, edge, and contour is meticulously crafted to align perfectly with your provided schematics. Whether it's intricate designs for the aerospace sector, specialized components for oil and gas, or any detailed blueprint from other high-precision industries, we ensure a seamless transition from paper to product. Entrust us with your designs, and witness the impeccable translation of your technical drawings into reality.